North snow still list party

Success may closed, leaving the 11/14 (Tuesday) "North snow still list party".
To you ladies and gentlemen, thank you very much.

Hokusetsu SHUZOU in the three autumn offers in Cortesia, inviting "hokusetsu SHUZOU" Hazu President, EBE chef's tasting and purchasing the onliest sake (Sado demon stun again, Super big dry, junmai ginjo, Yue tanrei junmai daiginjo YK35) were satisfied by the airport It was meeting to unveil, to give you a taste in Cortesia this taste at any time. And the Hazu President a very premium for this meeting, "Dai-ginjoshu YK35 'faith' centrifugal separation sake" was available. By the way, hokusetsu SHUZOU liquor are offering only to attract celebrities from around the world to the restaurant "Nobu" sake is.
How sake pairings with our food is nice, some customers "in demon point feels natural to stun again and tanrei Yue, pasta risotto and main dishes bring flavor sake, junmai daiginjo" and talked about.
I intend to handle this cloudy future because I felt it when we did a tasting, 'faith' centrifugal separation sake adapted to General Cortesia dishes. In the is will be in stock soon so stay tuned!

Uonuma produced special attended by producers of "Koshihikari"cultivated "snow Camellia", using the finest rice risotto also available. We report from our esteemed food, liquor and very favorably received.

Close gently and carefully selected materials, was made with great care, because, in addition to derive. It was really nice meeting you could feel it everywhere.
In Cortesia future handling of hokusetsu SHUZOU Japanese sake, so take a look at your new discoveries, relax.