A Tavola Association 1/26 (Friday) held!

A happy new year. The next station is the first event in the new year.

Cortesi a event of the new year will be held, "eat the Zuppa di pesce A Tavola Association"!

Italy's leading seafood "Zuppa di Pesce" (zuppa di Pesce-seafood soup)
This person extravagant enough brings out the flavor, topped with shellfish and monkfish in taste of winter products, served at the course with a glamorous new year's dinner party.
Total 4 types of Molise, Puglia, selected Cortesi a sparkling, rosé, red wines will be available according to the meal. (Zuppa di Pesce with red wine is a unique local flavor! With red wine in particular, built in unique varieties of Molise "tintilia" is excellent! This is learned, in the past, in the journal of the Japan Sommelier Association "Sommelier" in the corner of the "strengthening of Italy wine and food" EBE chefs create a delicious)

Try warming up mind and body while enjoying a special flavour unique only to this opportunity, we take a look at the explore ♪ ♪
I look forward to your reservations.

'Eat the Zuppa di pesce A Tavola Association'
Re : 1/26/2018 (Friday)
18:30 registration
19:00 start
22:00 finish

Membership dues : 12,000 yen (including tax and service charge)
Capacity: : 24

* It is a sit-down.
* Students, will be closed as soon as the early bookings look forward to.