Monte bianco has begun!

The sign of autumn is deepening, and the autumn of appetite has finally arrived!
Cortesia's autumn specialty Dolce "Monte Bianco" has finally started!!
This Dolce has been loved by everyone for more than 10 years.
Many people are looking forward to this season, and it has became a tradition of Cortezia in autumn.
This year, it was finished with a taste that is "irresistible for chestnut lovers" where the umami is firmly felt with the original natural sweetness of chestnuts.
In addition, it is popular every year even for those who are not good at sweet things.

If you're eating every year or haven't served it yet, why not take this opportunity to taste it?

In addition, there is usually a positive fee, but from November 1 to December 22,
We will make Dolce of dinner course (pasta course, Puglia course) "Monte Bianco" without additional fee!
Enjoy a taste of the season with a slightly better-off Cortezia dinner course.

Of course, you can also order it on the à la carte and pre-fix menus.